ThinLine Endurance and Drop Rig Protection Pad

ThinLine Endurance and Drop Rig Protection Pad>
Title: ThinLine Endurance and Drop Rig Protection Pad
Model: 8802
Manufacturer: ThinLine
  • Ultra ThinLine provides close contact with the horse and the ultimate impact protection
  • Cotton quilt with felt fill. Synthetic fleece base and front roll. Ultra ThinLine Panel at rigging.
  • Pocket under panel makes it shimmable for saddle fit or booster shim for added comfort.
  • Shims are sold seperatley. ThinLine ventilates to keep backs cool.
  • 27" Spine, 20" drop to rig panel, 23" of Ultra ThinLine, 14.5" rear drop.
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Product Description
The innovative ThinLine Endurance Drop Rigging Saddle Pad offers superior support, comfort, and durability compared to other saddle pads on the market. The only pads endorsed by spinal surgeons, veterinarians, master saddlers, and are widely used by endurance and competitive trail riders all over the world. With Ultra ThinLine, you have close contact with the horse for better communication AND the ultimate in impact protection. Our endurance pads are available in one size and two versions: either Quilted Cotton or Washable Synthetic Fleece against your horse. Both pads have the additional ThinLine protection at the girth. Do you need drop rigging to enjoy this pad? Absolutely not! The additional ThinLine on the girth guard gives any cinch added comfort for your horse.