About Us

This site is part of a network of web properties that target a niche audience for a particular product group. 

We use our skills in research to find and locate great products to buy and distinguish the quality from the junk. We use sites such as Amazon and eBay as most product available are most likely to be listed their. We have a set of values we follow when recommending a product, and even though this is a common way that most people come to the conclusion of what product to buy its good to have the reassurance of others to make the purchase happen.

Our Process On Amazon

  • Lookup the sellers profile/website
  • View the sales rank fro that product
  • Read the products reviews
  • Compare the price of similar
  • Compare the price of the same on ebay
  • View the shipping price/times
  • Add our own unique angle of view (more about that below)

Our own unique angle of view will vary depending on the acuall product we are looking at. This maybe best described with an example. If we were asked to recommend a computaer mouse we would try to pinpoint a part of the mouse that would make it different to the others. so in this instance we would try to split the competition into groups and focus on maybe the mouse button switched and the glide pads of the mouse. That example was to try to explain that for each product there would be some part that some manufacturers could skrimp on, and still create the same product but at a lower cost. and in the example of the mouse we may concentrate the research on the glide pads and button switches. I hope that was clear..

Now to an important point 

We pay our bills and wages via the affiliate commissions we receive from the programs of those sites. The commissions are not added to the price you see, and you are not paying any more to purchase a product via one of our links. We also get asked to review products from Amazon and ebay sellers where we have been paid to review product we generally do so for small fee but this never influences our reviews or the quality of feedback. 

I was once told some good advice: Stay open and honest and you will have a long furture in this industry.

Thats about it, if you have any question or feedback good or bad, please reach out to us on the contact page.

Written by Stuart Russell