Best Saddles Pads for Sore Back

Thinline western saddle pad

Thinline western saddle pad

A lot of the time, many people think that back pain with your horse can be fixed by finding a thicker and more cushioned saddle pad. Another misconception is that getting a gel saddle pad can give more support to reduce the pain. However, the biggest issue is actually to do with the fit of the saddle on your horse. A poor fit is extremely damaging to your horse and reduces performance.

Getting a gel saddle pad that doesn’t help the saddle fit properly, means that the liquid moves away from pressure points and make it more uncomfortable for your horse. Purchasing a high quality saddle pad that helps the saddle mould to your horse is actually the most important factor to helping reduce back pain.


Some recommended Saddle Pads


The range of saddle pads by ThinLine is some of the best quality pads that I have come across. My favourite is the Western Endurance model as it fits perfectly and follows the contour of your horse. After fitting the saddle on top of the pad, it does not slip and gives good support to both rider and the horse. These pads all come with shock protection.


Diamond Wool’s Contoured Felt Ranch pad is another popular product among riders. It’s handcrafted and made with quality in mind. One of the best things about this pad is that it absorbs sweat but still breathable. The design cushions the horse’ back and doesn’t slip. This is a good option to try as it helps the saddle fit properly to reduce back pain.

Another great product is the Classic Equine BioFit Correction Saddle Pad. It is especially made to help horses with muscle atrophy behind the shoulder blade. My own horse has high withers and this works really well with her. It fits nicely and removes uneven pressure points. Although more expensive, it is definitely worth the money.


Recommended Products

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